The Homes

The country homes are optimally designed with the best of modern technology, while still being nature-friendly. Being a part of the bigger eco-structure is the ideology behind these beautiful lush country estates.


The Earth Home


Climate-control now comes free with your home. The Earth Home blends completely with the natural surroundings in one single landscaped lawn that reaches all the way to the roof. The result, your home is at least 3-5°C lower than normal RCC roof homes.



The Pavilion Home


Contemporary homes with perfect design flow. These Pavilion Homes are designed around the central spine to provide natural light in every part of the home. All rooms open into the private garden on both sides.



The Courtyard Home


These traditional, tropical villas are designed around a central courtyard inspired by the architecture from Kerala and Bali. These homes come with a connected water-body that meanders around the home.