The Promoters

Sushil Kajaria


Over 45 years of experience in handling medium to large multi-diversified businesses, has given Mr. Sushil Kajaria the ability to take high risks and put unconditional faith in his team. Relatively conservative with his financial planning, he discourages over-leverage of finances, which has helped the group remain unaffected under most domestic & international financial crisis. He has always believed in trying something different and explores new ways to make business more successful.

Prashant Kajaria

Managing Director

With commerce background and passion to introduce new ideas, Mr. Prashant Kajaria was solely responsible to start SPA Group’s Bengaluru operation. He has been instrumental in introducing affordable imported high value patented planting materials and Green House Technology to Indian farmers. He is quite well known in the Horticulture circles in India. He has always believed in converting his passion and dreams into reality and always believes in living his dreams through his daily work. A strong believer in the right to enjoy a high quality of life. His penchant in details and ultra luxury are visible through his works.

Amit Kajaria

Managing Director

Mr. Amit Kajaria has been responsible and extremely instrumental in expanding the group’s flagship business of liquid warehousing. In a span of just 12 years, he expanded the capacity from 20,000 Kilo liters to 1,25,000 Kilo liters. He has successfully introduced storage and handling of all types of liquids and subsequently products & customers. This has taken the warehousing division to next level. His focus is now on expanding the division into dry warehousing & logistics.