The Project

The idea behind “Frangipani” is to create a community such as The Hamptons in New York, Beverly Hills in LA or Emirates Hills in Dubai, which gives you the lifestyle you have earned, less than an hour away from the world’s fastest growing city.

ViewAerial view of Frangipani Country Estates

What is a country estate?

A country estate comprises of the main house and outhouses along with the gardens and grounds of a very large property, typically located away from crowded urban areas. They cater to a lifestyle that is not bound by time. The pace is decided by the estate owner. Abundant space for any type of hobby or pet is available. Country estates give you the ability to switch off and relax.

What are typical sizes of country estates?

Estate plot sizes at Frangipani range from 20,023 sft and go up to 56,284 sft, whereas plot sizes at most gated communities in the city range from only 3000 to 7000 sft.

Who prefers a country estate?

Someone who has “arrived” in life after running the rat race. Who doesn’t have to swipe the attendance recorder at 9:30am every day. Someone who wants to get away from the stressful city life. In fact, anyone who has spent his life acquiring great taste and knowledge.

In USA, famous personalities like Mark Zuckerberg (founder of FACEBOOK), Larry Page (co-founder of GOOGLE), Tom Cruise (actor), Steve Ballmer (CEO of MICROSOFT) and Larry Ellison (co-founder of ORACLE) live in country estates of 17,100 sft to 52,500 sft. Hundreds of others – including Bill Gates and Michael Dell – live in much larger country estates. In Bangalore, Azim Premji and Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw live in large country estates.